Sam Keenan is for hire as a Minneapolis-based artist and illustrator. He is currently writing and illustrating a series of upcoming graphic novels and working as a freelancer. He does original artwork for comics, games, advertising, UX illustration, pitches, and apps.


“Keenan is prolific and versatile. He is not only able to quickly outline visual concepts but can also follow them through to final publishable standards.”

Keenan’s artwork has been featured by clients including Go East Design, Cake: Service Design and UX, Lutheran World Relief, The Current, The Fitzgerald Theater, Petnicks Dog Food, Catalyst Studios, and American Public Media.

“Sam can capture emotion in such an accurate way … That’s what makes his cartoons so useful.”

He launched with Cake the original Hump Day Happy Hour Caption Contest.

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases of his latest novels Super Penguin and Youth Group. (follow @samkeenan on twitter to find out when and where)

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